Movie Name: I Am Wrath (2016)
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I Am Wrath is an American action thriller film directed by Chuck Russell and written by Yvan Gauthier and Paul Sloan. The film stars John TravoltaChristopher MeloniSam TrammellAmanda SchullRebecca De Mornay and Luis Da SilvaPrincipal photography on the film began on March 9, 2015, in ColumbusOhio.

I Am Wrath (2016)
Directed by Chuck Russell
Produced by
  • Rob Carliner
  • Michael Mendelsohn
  • Richard Salvatore
  • Nick Vallelonga
Written by
  • Yvan Gauthier
  • Paul Sloan
Starring John Travolta
Christopher Meloni
Sam Trammell
Amanda Schull
Rebecca De Mornay
Luis Da Silva
Cinematography Andrzej Sekuła
  • Hannibal Classics
  • March On Productions
  • Patriot Pictures
  • Vallelonga Productions
Distributed by Saban Films
Release dates
April 29, 2016
Country United States
Language English


Unemployed engineer Stanley Hill (John Travolta) witnesses the murder of his wife Vivian (Rebecca De Mornay), who was attacked by thugs in a parking garage. Wracked with guilt, Stanley is haunted by the image of Vivian dying in his arms. When Detective Gibson (Sam Trammell) and other corrupt police officers are unable to bring the killers to justice, Stanley turns to his old friend Dennis (Christopher Meloni) and decides to take matters into his own hands. It is only then that Stanley and Dennis are found to have a mysterious past that, until now, they have kept very well hidden. As they inflict their revenge, those involved in the cover up realise that Stanley and Dennis are more dangerous than they could ever have imagined...


I Am Wrath (2016)

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